Auto Union Chain of Stores A vibrant, functional and fast service retail concept by Stirixis Group!

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Client & Brief

Auto Union is an existing retail network of car rental stores across Greece.  By the time of the project’s initiation the company numbered 45 stores and was seeking to create a discrete retail identity, as well as improve the speed of service for the customers that popped in at the time of their arrival or departure.

As the company is formed as a union of stores, the identity was limited only to a common signage with the store interior being completely different to each other. The client therefore was seeking to create an identity of the whole network that would be also the basis for the roll out the chain to other locations across the region.

The majority of clients make their booking on line and visit the store for the rental car’s pick-up or delivery. As tourism is quite seasonal in Greece with peaks especially during the summer months, the load of visitors at the store is constant and with peaks throughout the day as there are lots of inbound and outbound flights. Functionality and speed of service was therefore very important.


Project Scope


– To redesign the existing stores under the new concept and also adapt the same features to the upcoming new stores.

-To create an attractive, modern, easily adaptable retail concept, including architectural and branding design.

-To execute the concept at the company’s central location in Athens.

-To create the fit-out manual of the new concept for all next implementations.

-To support the concept in its roll out in the future as phase B.


Strategic Goals & Project Objectives


To design the concept in its whole in order to

-reposition the brand

-create a discrete retail identity

-upgrade customer experience

-enable fast service

-solve functionality and cross selling issues

-include technology to assist operations and centralize information




-Design a concept that could be easily adaptable.

-Existing mode of operations should have to be taken into account.




The new retail concept for Auto Union Chain of Stores has as a point of inspiration the logo of the brand and its colors. The architectural design focuses on the brand colors and places them in the space at several elements such as walls, flooring and custom made furniture. The overall ambience is open and vibrant and together with the signage and environmental graphics creates a modern and welcoming atmosphere. The specially designed area for the kids as well as the waiting area ensure a pleasant stay for the family while the main client is dealing with the typical paperwork. The personnel’s desks were designed as booths leaving behind the former office-like approach so that visitors’ chairs could be avoided and length of stay decreased, a target that was attained. 




Aiming at delivering excellent results based on the client’s requests, the services offered included:

-strategic services for building the concept and its positioning

-architectural design and branding

-author’s supervision services during construction


Project Team
Project Manager: Elena Athanassoulas | Architect: Irene Tsimpli, Graphic Designer: Melina Constantinides | Photos: Konstantinos Kontos

  • Date:Nov 2016