Impressive New Concept for Diet Watchers by STIRIXIS Group

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A fresh, upper class and innovative retail concept by Stirixis Group!

Client & Brief

Diet Watchers was an existing retail catering business for diet food for subscribed customers. The company owned at the time of the initiation of the project 7 stores and 4 clinics and was seeking to improve the performance of the retail areas of this chain of owned stores, today numbering 13 locations. There are two existing options for customer subscription.

1. Customers can visit any clinic; have a consultation with a dietician and enroll on a specific diet plan suggested by the Dieticians.
2. Customers can visit online or any of the stores to have a new subscription without including advice from a dietician or either renew their existing subscription.

The client was seeking to roll out a chain of stores across the region with a strong brand identity and with elite modern style and a retail approach. The purpose was to redesign the existing stores under the new concept and also adapt the same features to the upcoming new stores, addressing the following:

Project Scope

  • – To create an attractive, elite, modern, new retail concept for the existing stores and adapt it in the upcoming ones, including architectural and branding design, as a modular, easy to reproduce, low cost / high performance fit out system.
  • – To roll out the concept in the first 3 locations for each type (retail store and clinic) as phase A in order to fine tune the concept.
  • – To create the fit-out manual of the new concept for all next implementations.
  • – To support the concept in its roll out in the future as phase B.


Strategic Goals & Project Objectives

  • – To redesign the concept in its whole in order to reposition the brand
  • – Cover both clinics and shops under one unified concept
  • – Upgrade customer experience
  • – Build awareness and loyalty
  • – Solve functionality and merchandizing issues
  • – Increase visibility, conversion and revenues
  • – Include technology to assist operations and centralize information



  • – Design a concept that could be easily adaptable and developed in other locations in the KSA region
  • – Existing mode of operations should have to be taken into account
  • – Take into consideration special operational characteristics connected with the Arabic culture



The new retail concept for Diet Watchers Chain of Stores has as a point of inspiration the existing logo of the brand with its curved, fluent lines which in turn bring to mind serenity and care. The whole design concept is based on curved surfaces for the walls and fit-out elements which create an uninterrupted customer journey in the space. Brand heritage and essence are communicated through high quality materials such as oak wood flooring laid in all time classic style, white lacquered surfaces, copper pendant signature light fixtures. And all these matched perfectly with technology elements and modern style accessories were used to combine the future oriented innovative approach of the company. In total the ambience is characterized by elegance and upper style enhanced by special indirect lighting approach which builds serenity and relaxation to the recurrent visitors and service personnel. At present there are already two retail stores and one clinic launched under the new concept and performance of the brand in terms of revenues and store visits has already improved.


Aiming at delivering excellent results based on the client’s requests, the services offered included:

Project Team

Project Manager: Elena Athanassoulas | Architects, Designers: Eleni Sotiriou, Anastasia Labropoulou | Tendering & Purchasing: Rania Drakou | Construction Management: Infadiah |

Few words about Infadiah

Established in 2011, Infadiah is a design, project management and construction firm located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Young and bursting with energy, the company has made in the region by delivering the kind of momentum that clients need to drive project management from concept to launch and create sustainable growth. Infadiah team members offer an array of experience including design, project management, construction, development facilities management and development of proprietary IT applications which have become a great success in retail and food establishments in and around Riyadh. Infadiah is expanding every day and the company is currently joining forces with charismatic partners around Asia and parts of Europe to deliver dynamic solutions to an ever growing list of clients.


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  • Date:Jul 2016