EBNB: The digital store gets its proper physical store and more stores to come– ATHENS, GREECE

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Ebnb.gr, the number 1 E-shop store for mobile cases and gadgets, has a new physical store. Ebnb is an online retail store that since 2012 sells phone accessories and gadgets. A wide range of high quality accessories are sold at the best market prices.
For this new retail concept project, the scope was to introduce the brand in a physical retail store and create a concept that could be easily adaptable to the new stores to come. The store targets a younger audience and aims to become a destination for the customers.


– Design a store that is unified with the digital store
– Small place, that should be completed within a tight deadline, with the cooperation of several suppliers
– Very limited time frame
– Increase need for storage place


– Design a cheerful and fun store, to welcome the young target audience that the brand is addressing to
– Create a fresh branding and design a distinctive retail store that communicates the brand’s positioning to attract new and recurring customers
– Main target group is young people who want to acquire gadgets but also people who want to collect their online purchase
– A concept easily adaptable, to be developed in other locations


Our involvement in this retail store was crucial to convey the brand identity, as well as create a distinct store architecture that communicates its positioning. We designed a unique customer journey for its customers, through the new channel of the brand. As the brand is already established in the customer’s mind by the online store, the physical store should be consistent with the existing image.
The main idea of the concept created was the “parking”; a place where anyone can stroll around, explore easily and find the products he/she needs. The store is strategically divided in the following areas; the mobile case’s area (as the higher percentage of revenue), the zone of contact with the highly trained personnel (employees offering help and advice, repairing products and offering the service of the customization of cases) and the area of the cross-selling products (including headphones, chargers etc.). To optimize customer’s flow and retails store’s functionality, due to the limited space of the store, the products displayed are categorized and placed distinctively in a critical way. The need for storage area was foreseen and designed in every furniture placed in store.
The main color chosen is the orange with black details, as it is the basic colour of the brand and a unified image in all stores should be promoted. Additionally, the whole design was opted to be easily recognizable and thus, a characteristic design should be developed. Therefore, the orange sidewalk tactile tile used for the signage of blind people was selected. Due to the high volume of the customers expected to visit the store, PVC material was used on the floor as it is a durable and resistant material to use.


Aiming at delivering excellent results based on the client’s requests, the services offered included:
– Retail Strategy
-Architectural design
– Author’s supervision
– Construction management

Project Team

Project Manager: Elena Athanassoulas | Retail Strategy: Niovi Pontillo Designer: Julia Giannopoulou | Construction Manager: Julia Giannopoulou

  • Date:May 2017