Jools Continues its Successful Growth with Stirixis Group

  • Jools. Halandri, Athens. Designed by Stirixis Group.
  • Jools. Halandri, Athens. Designed by Stirixis Group.
  • Jools. Halandri, Athens. Designed by Stirixis Group.
  • Jools. Halandri, Athens. Designed by Stirixis Group.
  • Jools. Nea Smyrni, Athens. Designed by Stirixis. Photo by Cathy Cunliffe
  • Jools. Halandri, Athens. Designed by Stirixis Group.


Jools was founded in 2004 by its present owners who have a significant experience in jewellery industry since 1994. Jools’ unique differentiating offer is the combination of high-quality products with pioneering design and affordable pricing, which has lead the brand’s awareness and establishment in the jewelry market.

Through the years, the company has established its presence – via 250 points of sale – in Greece, Cyprus, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, China, Morocco, Lebanon, USA and Australia.  It currently owns 6 exclusive jewellery stores in Attica, Greece and aims to expand its offer to new markets via franchising development (to learn more about Jools, click here).


In 2004, Stirixis Group designed and delivered Jools’ retail concept via its first owned shop. Stirixis is still responsible to continue bringing Jools’ retail concept in life – in all 6 stores being designed since then, along with a shop-in-shop in one of the most famous department t stores in Athens, “Attica”, and a number of exhibition stands.

Nowadays, apart from the design services and in view of Jools’ further expansion both in the local and the international markets, Stirixis Group supports the brand in its business development.

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Design Concept

In 2012 the concept has been refreshed and brought it to its present identity. The main design theme focuses on creating an aesthetically pleasant and casual-luxury environment with attention to detail and finishing. The special concept’s features are the dynamic combination of black lacquer furniture with ivory surfaces, the simple straight lines, the theatrical set-ups, as well as the focus on special lighting.



Project Team
Project Manager: Elena Athanassoulas | | Architects & Author’s Supervisors: Jenny Litsiou, Vivian Benetou, Evangelia Kritsiki, Eleni Sotiriou | Construction Managers: Theodora Bonelli, Victoria Papaggeli | Photographer (Chalandri Store): Konstantinos Kontos


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  • Date:Jun 2016