Kousko: An Outstanding Pastry Concept by STIRIXIS Group

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Concept Design and Development of the brand at a second location

Client & Project Scope

Kousko is a pastry shop combined with an all-day on the go consumption café. The brand has launched its first store in Kalamata, one of the biggest cities in the Peloponnese, Greece in 2011. The first store is located on the main avenue that heads towards the city Centre and has been successful since its launch: it offers a wide variety of sweets, cakes and ice-cream as well as savory tastes (mainly pies and sandwiches). In the store there is a café corner which operates throughout the day offering a wide variety of coffees and other beverages. As a separate business unit, Kousko offers also catering services for events as the store has an on-site production facility.

In 2016 the owners decided to open a second store at a new location in the center of the town of Kalamata in the main shopping area. The offering and product mix at this location is the same as in the first store. The vision is to expand the brand to other locations in Greece and abroad mainly in tourist destinations or highly visited shopping areas.


  1. – Design a concept that would be based on the approach of the first location but in an enriched way in order to turn the design into a retail identity.
  2. – Turn the new location into an f&b store as the store used to be a bank formerly.


Strategic Goals
Create an environment that would:

  1. – Communicate clearly the broad product offering taking into consideration the special characteristics of the new location with a lot of walk by clientele visiting the shopping center as well as the residential.
  2. – Be visited for take away as well as short visit in store consumption (coffees, snacks, ice-creams).
  3. – Create a distinguished store identity in order to position Kousko as a chain of pastry stores brand.


Kousko is to be visited both for a quick stop for young people who work as well as a destination for families, women and traditional consumers of sweets. The black color, as part of its already established identity, initially lead to an industrial and somewhat “cold” look and feel. This was strategically decided to be combined with homey elements in order to soften the overall feeling. The tailor made bar as well as all shelving was designed in vanilla white lacquered wood with details of traditional style. One of the main elements of the refined concept, enhancing the homey style, is the round wooden classic style table to be found at main entrance of the store matched exquisitely with a big chandelier on top of it.

Also, the two tall walls located on the two sides of the store complete the main identity features: the painting style of rust and the vivid rose color on the other wall decorated with ceiling rosettes at different sizes, create an interesting contrast. In terms of functionality, all food equipment was chosen in minimal style and the production area was designed in an open approach in order to be viewed by the customers. Details such as environmental graphics and signage were also addressed.

Aiming at delivering excellent results based on the client’s requests, the services offered included:

  • Strategic services for building the concept and its clear positioning.
  • Architectural design and environmental graphics.
  • Author’s supervision.


Project Team
Project Manager: Elena Athanassoulas | Designer: Eleni Sotiriou | Author’s Supervision: Alexander Athanassoulas | Photos: Stirixis

  • Date:Aug 2016